WTF is National Run for Office Day?


What is this?

We're celebrating the fact that anyone and everyone should consider running for office -- especially local office.


When is it?

The second Tuesday after the second Monday in November -- in 2018, that means National Run for Office Day is November 13th. Why? That's the week after Election Day.



National Run for Office Day began in 2017, when 40+ partner groups and public figures came together to talk about running for office. Ultimately, 2,500+ raised their hands to say they want to run. CNN wrote a little thing about the day — check it out!


What’s the point?

In the 2018 midterms, a record number of first-time candidates ran and won (and ran and lost!) — changing the make-up of Congress, state legislatures, and city halls across the country, and bringing unprecedented energy to the political process. In 2019, 2020, and beyond, we need that again — but even bigger! So if you’re thinking about running for office at some point in the near or far future, sign up. The relevant partner groups will get in touch.


Isn’t this kind of a Cheesy gimmick?

National Puppy Day on Instagram is also made-up, also super fun, and doesn’t have a direct impact on who has health care, or access to higher education, or whether or not our country deals with climate change. We’re trying to continue an on-going conversation about who makes up the pool of democratically elected leaders — if celebrating a fake holiday is what it takes to get people talking about this, so be it.