Why should I run for office?

Because you can! Because you care about solving problems and doing the hard work necessary to fixing your community. Because it's time. Because Donald Trump is president and if that bozo can work in politics, you can certainly run for city council. Because your community is counting on you. Because you're ready to lead. Because you're sick of the BS coming out of Washington, or your state capitol, or your city government, and you're taking matters into your own hands. Because you want to inspire people. Because you're inspired. Because representative democracy matters and your community is underrepresented. Because the future is yours to fight for.

Because we'll help you. (All of us.)


You — yes, you! — should  run for office
(or ask a friend to run)!


How do I celebrate?

There are three ways to celebrate this awesome day.


1. Sign Up

Sign up to let us know you're considering running for office, now or in the future. Your information will get shared with the whole team of groups celebrating the day and we'll make sure you get the best resources you need to kick off your campaign. This isn't a commitment; it's just making sure you have all the info you need if you decide to take the leap.

2. Ask

Ask a friend to run for office. Pick a video or a graphic and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr -- pick a platform and you're good to go.

3. Eat a Cupcake

It's 2018; you deserve it.